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The only things that impact employee morale are their peers within the company they work for and the job of the individual employee, right? Think again…

What’s the link?

The appearance of employees at work has a surprisingly tangible impact on their individual happiness and enthusiasm in the workplace, therefore effecting their overall feeling towards their job. A smart and recognisable company uniform does wonders to increase each employee’s feeling of importance and self-confidence, generally leading to a positive effect on their performance.    

In the hospitality industry this has been shown to be the case.  A study carried out asked 201 employees at several Las Vegas casino-resorts and found a clear relationship between employee satisfaction, company uniform as well as customer satisfaction. The study showed that uniforms can increase an employee’s self-confidence and give them a feeling of enhanced credibility. It also showed that positive effect that this has on employees is then generally passed on to customers as the employees are part of a property’s atmosphere. Happy employees lead to happy customers.

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More research carried out from Suffolk University in Boston aimed to answer the question of whether customised company uniforms have any sort of impact on advertising as seen from managers of companies in several different industries whose employees are uniformed and exposed to the public. The report’s findings found that:

  • 71.5% of the questionnaire’s respondents stated that their uniform was more effective than newspaper advertising,
  • 74.4% of the questionnaire’s respondents stated that their uniform was more effective than radio advertising,
  • 56.1% of the questionnaire’s respondents stated that their uniform was more effective than internet advertising
  • 75.7% of the questionnaire’s respondents stated that their uniform was more effective than billboard advertising.

A recognisable uniform can also improve your company’s visibility and brand image, potentially leading to an increase in sales making it a useful marketing tool.

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Uniforms are also a great way to remove the socio-economic element of clothing. They convey a sense of equality in the workplace which is a great way to encourage unity among employees. For example, if there are several employees on a specific job and they are wearing the same clothes, they will all see each other as the same regardless of each of their socio-economic backgrounds.

They also send a message that the only thing that should be considered in work are the performance of everyone in their individual roles. For example, if a company had an employee who came in to work inappropriately dressed, this could become a distraction leading to dis-cohesion no matter the performance of that employee. Where there is standardization, there are no distractions and employees are able to come together to work at their best for the sake of the company, which is in the interests of all stakeholders.  

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