Artwork Guidelines

Industrial Workwear provide our customers with professional print and embroidery services, we require all customers to submit suitable and high quality artwork in order to proceed with your order. Failing to provide suitable artwork may result in order delays or poor quality print and embroidery finishes.

All images sent by you must come with the relevant authority and copyright authority to use the image within our production environment. Industrial Workwear reserve the right to refuse production if the artwork is offensive and/or we believe it may infringe on copyright or trademark.

Looking to print? Start here

A really simplistic method of understanding how your garment will look, when you opt for our print service, simply print your desired artwork onto a piece of paper. The print out should match the size you wish to replicate onto a garment, the quality of the artwork printed by a normal printer will give an indication of how well it’ll print onto a garment.

What to watch out for

If your print out looks ‘pixelated’ and has jagged edges, it’s unlikely we can produce a high quality garment for you. If the artwork is poor quality we will require additional payments for our artwork team to recreate and redraw your artwork. Poor quality artwork will delay and provide additional costs to your order, it’s important to have and submit the correct artwork.

Print setup and charges

When you use a new logo with Industrial Workwear, there will be a £10 setup charge. This charge is a one-off and allows our artwork team to digitise your logo into a format readily available for print. Once the logo has been digitised it can be used on all subsequent orders without the charges.

Looking to embroider? Start here

We accept all file types for embroidery artwork but require the submitted artwork to be high quality.

What to watch out for

  • If you artwork is poor and requires a redraw, there may be additional charges.
  • If your artwork is excessive stitch count (over 25,000 stitches) we may require additional payment.

Additional information to speed up your embroidery order

Submitting the below information with your order will speed up the processing time of your printed garments.

  • Fonts used in your logo
  • High quality images
  • No shading within the image (or very limited).