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As the country moves on from the pandemic and businesses adapt to the inevitable long-lasting change that this will cause, now has never been a better time to assess costs and re-think spend. One thing that has became apparent to us over the past year and a half is the let-down that many customers have felt and experienced with their current suppliers over the pandemic period.

It has been an incredibly rough ride for our staff too, we’ve had to confiscate laptops from employees working too much, shoo staff out of the office at closing time and do what we can to find the balance of serving our customers exceptionally well and the welfare of our staff. We’ve been fortunate with zero redundancies and a large increase in turnover, a just reward for the amount of care, attention and effort we offload onto our accounts, big or small.

Tenders are a worth-while practice, it gives you flexibility to create a framework unique to your needs and force suppliers to put forward their best solution. The comparison elements of the tender allow easy assessing and grading of suppliers, which can’t be masked by salesmanship. It allows you to shop on your own terms, for your unique needs in a framework which works for you. This is far more transparent and up-front than the usual task of approaching a supplier and for them to then come back with a sales pitch.

The pandemic has certainly made clearer who has been operating in the interests of their customers and who hasn’t. If you haven’t been well looked after in the time you needed it most, a tender could be a viable option for you. We’ve heard the horror stories, businesses not being able to open their doors due to being chronically let down by their suppliers, workwear companies just shutting the doors to customers and the companies that are profit-seeking suppliers and not business interest partners.

Trust, honesty, understanding and speed are things that every customer desires in a supplier. And these are all things which can be accurately gauged in the early stages of a tender process, now so more than ever.

Value for money is even more vitally important in today’s market. We believe that when customers come to us they pay for a quality product – which is standard. We also believe that they deserve a first-class service to gain a meaningful experience. The latter is lacking in far too many instances that we hear of on a day-to-day basis.

Our mission is to put this right.

Businesses have had a rough time this year and last but they now hold the benefit of being able to know which suppliers live up to their word and which ones don’t. Tendering workwear, uniform and PPE is the best way to proceed for customers wishing to have full confidence in a long-term supplier if you haven’t been well supported during these challenging times.

Get in touch today and find out why we are the number one rated work-clothes business in the UK, according to Trustpilot.

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