Customer Charter

We set high standards at Industrial Workwear, always striving for best-in-class and industry leading, that’s why we have created our customer charter, which all staff are required to follow.

To our valued customers, trust us to:

Get it right from the start. We will:

  • Check stock levels before converting any quotes to a sale.
  • Be completely transparent with stocking levels before you place an order.
  • Rectify any unusual stock issues the same working day we are notified or discover an issue.
  • Any product recommendations will be made on what is best for your requirement and not any commercial advantage to us.
  • Never send you anything we wouldn’t be proud to wear, from a workmanship and quality perspective.
  • Provide you with visuals of artwork so you can make a fully informed decision before committing to production.

Look after you, we will:

  • Always speak to you in a professional manner.
  • Always let you know of an expected delivery timeframe before we process the sale.
  • Always keep you informed on any delays to your order, the same working day we are notified.
  • Never process a sale if we are not confident it can be fulfilled, on spec or on time.
  • Always provide or seek expertise when required, from suppliers, technicians and expert in-house staff.
  • Always respond to emails and call you back when required, the same working day*.

Keep things right, we will:

  • Initiate refunds within one working day.
  • Provide next-day courier collections if we get it wrong.
  • Carry out extensive internal quality control on all orders.
  • Provide expertise on all of our product ranges.
  • Provide remedial work to ensure no mistakes are made twice.
  • Continuously invest in systems and staff training.

If applicable, provide the following free services:

  • Online ordering portal – allow your employees to log in and order their own workwear, this service provides full end-to-end processing, which means we will never have any order processing errors.
    • Credit and points system available, with limits and reporting included for free.
    • Locking of PPE – we can provide wearers with job-specific PPE and ensure each employee has them.
  • Manpacking – get the right workwear in the right hands quickly, long gone are the days of spending hours handing workwear out.
  • Cost efficient ways of working – we can group deliveries to certain days, provide local collection** and delivery**.
  • Sizing surveys, ppe surveys and consultations.

* we aim to respond to all emails the same working day when received AM, PM orders will likely be responded to the following working day.

**dependant on local restrictions with all deliveries being contactless.