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Are you looking for a safety eyewear solution that solves all of your operations, business and user needs? Bolle Safety Glasses and Goggles are the perfect choice. With a comprehensive range of products designed to meet both regulatory requirements and individual comfort levels, you can be sure that your team has the protection they need while staying at the cutting edge of safety standards. From anti-fog lenses to stylish frames, Bolle Safety Eyewear offers something for everyone, ensuring their complete satisfaction with every pair. Read on to find out more about why this eyewear is right for your business.

Why Bolle Glasses and Goggles?

You’re always careful when working with hazardous materials, but you can never be too safe. You’ve heard that Bolle Safety Eyewear can protect your eyes from any kind of danger, but you’re not sure if they’re worth the investment.

Bolle Glasses Comfort, Sense, Protection (CSP)

Get ready to experience a brand new level of visual clarity and comfort that you never thought possible! Our CSP lens tints are designed for optimal contrast and colour in any work environment, so no matter how much sunlight or glare is present, your eyes still get the perfect balance of detail and accuracy. Get set for an eye-opening journey into high definition vision today with Bolle!

Bolle Sense

Protecting yourself at work shouldn’t be a gamble – make sure you can see what’s going on around you with EN166 lenses by CSP. From UV to light-sensitive situations, they help ensure maximum safety and perfect clarity of vision so nothing takes you by surprise!

Bolle Safety Glasses – Perception

CSP stands for ‘Comfort, Sense, Protection’ and it’s taking visual cognition beyond the natural eye. With this extraordinary technology, we can push our capacities to new heights – better precision and peak performance levels are within reach!

Bolle Safety Value

User adoption is the main problem when using inferior brands. When you put on a pair of Bolle Safety Glasses, you know you’re protected. They’re made to withstand any environment, so you can feel safe and secure while doing your job. They’ll fit perfectly, be extremely comfortable to wear and are stylish in looks. End users will tend to look after a premium pair of safety glasses giving longevity and therefore saving you money in the long run.

Bolle Safety Glasses is the number one choice worldwide for eye protection. Specialists in creating tailor-made solutions that are perfect for each individual and their specific needs. So whether you’re working on a construction site or in a laboratory, we have the perfect pair of safety glasses for you.

Bolle Safety Eyewear UK

Safety at work is a given right – and having the right Bolle safety eyewear to help get you through it can make that effort so much smoother. From enhancing sight to reducing eye fatigue, improving precision and boosting motivation, there are plenty of benefits for employees who sport the perfect pair of Bolle Safety Glasses on site. We know how important protection is when working – which is why Bolle Safety offer an array of products covering every need out there plus optimised lens shades & coatings ensuring optimal vision no matter what task you undertake. So whatever job lies ahead…we’ve got your back (and your eyes!)

Bollé Prescription Safety Glasses

Get the sharpest sight on the job with Bollé Prescription Safety Glasses top-of-the line prescription eyewear. Our 130+ year expertise and EN166 certified UV blocking frames are designed to enhance your senses, ensuring precision movements and correct assessment of any situation while keeping you safe. Enjoy tailor made equipment featuring advanced lens technologies so you can stay productive without compromising protection! We offer access across the UK to high street opticians and can handle the prescription order on your behalf which makes it easy for workplace compliance.

See our full range of Bolle Safety Eyewear here

Get in touch with our friendly team today and we may be able to offer you wearer trial samples if you have 20 plus wearers so you can see the benefits for yourself! CALL 01207 509717 or fill in the quote request form and mention Bolle trial for immediate attention.

We are a 5 Star TrustPilot rated company and our customer service is second to none! We look forward to assisting you with all aspects of safety PPE.

Trustpilot 5 Star Rated for Customer Service

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