Wearer Pack Service

Our Wearer Pack Service takes the stress out of ordering workwear and PPE for multiple members of staff.

Managing large workwear orders can be complicated, and making sure that product type, size and personalisation options are correct for each individual employee can take up valuable resource time.

Once the order has been received, distributing the right products to the right people can be stressful. Relying on individuals to remember exactly what they ordered can result in shortfalls, and lead to wastage or inflated costs.

To see how our Wearer Pack Service can solve the above problems view our video

How Can our Wearer Pack Service Help?

Our Wearer Pack service allows you to order for individual employees quickly and efficiently. Simply choose your items in the correct size and quantity, ensuring you’ve indicated what sort of branding and personalisation you require, assign them to the name of employee they’re intended for when you order, and you’ll receive your workwear, including footwear, equipment and accessories individually packaged and labelled for the specific employee it’s been bought for.

With our Wearer Pack Service, distributing your workwear amongst employees becomes quick and simple, and there’s less need for stock holding, increasing efficiency and saving you money.

Combined with our SMART portal, our Wearer Pack Service makes ordering and distributing workwear as simple as possible, whilst also providing a detailed audit trail to see exactly what equipment has been issued to each employee, and comprehensive reporting tools to keep track of finance and previous orders. To get a more in depth view of the portal click here

To enquire about our Wearer Pack Service call 0808 178 1938 or fill out the form below and one of our experts will be in touch