PPE: Respiratory Protection

Not only do we provide respiratory protection products of the highest quality, we also make ordering and keeping on top of your PPE procurement easy and efficient, saving you time and money.

Industrial Workwear offers a range of face masks to protect your workforce protection against respiratory hazards like dust, mist or metal fume. While disposable face masks are popular for short-term use, we also offer a wide variety of semi-disposable and reusable half and full-face masks, plus battery-powered protection for longer duration use or more hazardous environments.

If required, our team can carry out an on-site survey to help you choose the right respiratory protection for your team. We can also provide Face Fit training to a competent member of your team to allow you the flexibility to Face Fit Test your own employees to ensure your teams’ protective equipment is correctly fitted and that your employees are protected.

Stay in control of your PPE ordering with our SMART portal. The user-friendly controls reduce the difficulties and frustrations that often come with workwear procurement in the form of errors, unauthorised ordering and confusion when ordering across different departments. With our SMART portal you can keep tabs on exactly which respiratory protection products have been ordered, assign each item to a particular employee, limit spending and restrict purchasing. This takes pressure off your procurement team, meaning you can save time, reduce stress and cut costs.

View the full respiratory protection range here. 

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