PPE: Hearing Protection

Sourcing high-quality hearing protection products has never been so easy and cost effective, thanks to Industrial Workwear’s personal and comprehensive service.

Exposure to noise is much more than a nuisance – it can cause permanent damage and discomfort to your workforce, leading to lost time, expense and potential liability if your company does not meet its obligations to protect employees from the risk of loud noise.

At Industrial Workwear we offer a range of high-quality hearing protection equipment, and can help you choose the right level of protection for your employees, whether they’re exposed to light industrial noise or work in environments with high levels of noise like airports or in quarrying, carrying out an on-site survey if needed to ensure your workers are appropriately protected.

From in-ear plugs to ear defenders that protect up to specific decibel levels, our product range of hearing protection equipment provides a solution for hazardously noisy work environments. By ordering through our SMART portal, you can keep track of the equipment ordered for each individual team member and quickly and easily see exactly what PPE each employee has been issued, so you can be sure you’re maintaining compliance.

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