PPE: Fall Arrest

When working at height, it’s important to use the right fall protection equipment to prevent a potentially lethal fall. We offer a wide range of harnesses, lanyards, and fall arrest blocks and our dedicated account managers are on hand to make choosing the right product simple and cost-effective.

We specialise in high-quality height safety products. If your employees frequently work in high places, we’ve got everything you’ll need to meet your legal obligations and minimise the risk of accidents. If required we offer free workwear consultations.

As an employee you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your employees are issued with the right protective equipment to do their job safely. The exact type and grade of protective equipment each employee needs will vary depending on their precise role and the conditions they’re working in, and this can make it confusing to navigate the huge range of available products.

We work closely with PPE manufacturers to offer expert advice on choosing the right products to protect your employees. We can also arrange on-site PPE risk assessment surveys covering eye, hand, foot, head and respiratory safety, to help you identify exactly what PPE your team needs to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation.

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