PPE: Eye and Face Protection

Not only do we provide excellent protective face and eyewear products for a wide range of situations, our unique tools and services make procuring PPE easy and cost effective.

Eye injuries can mean loss of time, money and even cost employees their eyesight, so it’s no surprise that protective face and eyewear is required in a wide range of working environments. Industrial Workwear are trusted protective face and eyewear suppliers, with an extensive range of products including safety spectacles, goggles and face shields to suit a wide range of applications, whether your employees are exposed to risk from wood and paint chips, dirt, particles or even nails.

Our industry standard improved protective face and eyewear suppliers are here to help you choose the most appropriate protections for your employees, to ensure full compliance under health and safety legislation. If needed, we offer on-site health and safety surveys to help you identify the right products for your needs.

Order your eye and face protection through our SMART portal and eliminate the risk of under/over-ordering or over-spending by making use of our system’s reporting tools, spend limits and ordering restrictions.

With our man packing service you can ensure each employee is issued with the correct PPE for their specific role, and keep tabs on exactly what equipment and workwear individual employees have received.

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