Flame Retardant Workwear

As well as supplying the highest quality flame-retardant workwear, giving you trusted protection, we also make choosing and ordering products for a workforce of any size easy and cost effective.

If employees are working in a potentially dangerous environment where heat or flame hazards are present, employers are responsible for ensuring they’re protected. Flame resistant and flame-retardant clothing can significantly reduce burn injuries, which can save lives in the event of an accident.

As trusted suppliers of a range of flame resistant and flame-retardant workwear, our expert team can advise you on the right layering of garments to provide workers with vital extra seconds to react in hazardous situations.

If you request a health and safety survey, our expert team can save you time and stress by recommending the correct garments for specific work conditions. With our experts’ advice, you can ensure you’re fully compliant and your employees are protected.

By ordering through our SMART portal, you can be sure each employee receives their flame-retardant workwear packaged individually for them, and with our comprehensive reporting tools you can easily see that you are in full compliance with health and safety requirements, and that every employee is protected and provided for.

If you wish to view or purchase any of the Flame Retardant workwear we offer please see our Flame Retardant range.

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