Corporate Workwear

As well as providing high quality and smart corporate workwear for all occasions, we also make ordering uniform and workwear cost-effective and as hassle-free as possible.

Industrial Workwear’s collection of corporate clothing makes it easy to source high-quality, brilliantly-priced hospitality and corporate uniform. Our extensive range includes workwear for every situation that will ensure your workforce are comfortable, whilst impressing customers by looking professional, smart and stylish.

As suppliers of a variety of corporate clothing items, it’s easy to find garments that match your company image, and our high-quality on-site embroidery and printing services allow you to personalise your employees’ workwear to reflect your brand.

By ordering through our SMART portal, there’s no need to blanket order uniforms in a range of different sizes – our portal allows you to quickly and easily order the correct size for each employee, meaning everyone is comfortable and looks their best, while your procurement team can cut costs by eliminating unnecessary over-ordering.

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