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Work Gloves

Our hands are incredibly intricate and because we rely on them so much during work and leisure, why shouldn’t we protect them as much as possible? Work gloves are an important part of modern safety clothing and here at Industrial Workwear we take them very seriously indeed.

Reasons to Wear Gloves in the Workplace

A large percentage of workplace injuries and illnesses are due to workers not taking sufficient precautions when using their hands. The employer has a duty of care to provide the correct health and safety equipment for the entire workforce. When a worker injures themselves because they were not wearing the correct gloves, all kinds of problems can transpire. As well as looking at a lengthy recovery time, the employer could also be liable for financial compensation. With these factors in mind, let’s see what we at Industrial Workwear have to offer the conscientious employers as a solution.

Our Range

No matter what type of work glove you are looking for, we are convinced that Industrial Workwear can match your requirement. Here is a selection of the types of gloves we currently have in stock:

* Leather gloves – vital for rigger work and includes heat resistant models

* Cut resistant gloves – including Kevlar and Glass Fibre versions

* Disposable gloves – Ideal for housekeeping and cooking purposes

* Anti-vibration gloves – Excellent for power tool safety

* Welders’ gloves – With oversized cuff for extra safety

Scenarios That Require Work Gloves

In this health and safety conscious day and age, we need to ensure that our workers have hand protection for any appropriate scenario. There are a myriad of infections and injuries that can take place should we ignore these possibilities and these issues exist in most types of workplaces. If you are in the construction business, the importance of hand safety goes without saying, but the same applies for many workplace scenarios:

* Any type of housekeeping tasks

* Kitchen or catering business

* Heavy industrial tool handling

* Motorcycle courier business

* Construction sites

* Factory and warehouse workers

* Health centres and clinics

Dexterity Versus Safety

One of the biggest bugbears regarding workplace professionals wearing the appropriate gloves is the argument about dexterity versus safety issues. Employees can sometimes feel as if their hand movements are somewhat constricted whilst wearing the correct safety glove at work. The employer needs to pay attention to these comments and adjust the glove factor accordingly. Instead of telling the employee to ‘just get on with it’, there is a far more symbiotic solution. At Industrial Workwear we can provide the correct glove and sleeve fit to the individual worker each time. This will help you to ensure that there are no more disgruntled employees and more importantly, no more workplace accidents that are due to the correct measures not being in place. As well as the overall fit, you may need to address the grip issues that may arise. Although there are some tasks that require a multi-purpose glove, you must always choose the appropriate hand wear when circumstances dictate.

Our Promise

At Industrial Workwear we are proud to offer a full range of work gloves that have been made to a high standard and we can offer them at an extremely reasonable price. We have been providing the UK workplace and beyond since or formation back in 1999. Our craftsmen have been working in this trade for over 30 years and we are proud of our North-Eastern heritage that is mirrored in our extremely high standards and hardworking ethic. If you are looking for the best work gloves for your employees, look no further and if you don’t see the products you require, simply email or call us for a fast and friendly response.

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