Hydra Flame

Workwear made of "Hydra Flame" and "Hydra Flame Plus" goes even farther in achieving the demanding performance standards in the "FR" (flame retardant) market, which is widely utilised in the utilities sector. Based on its remarkable performance, quality, and fully compliance, independently certified certification, it quickly became a well-known brand.

It soon gave birth to the Hydra Flame plus, which had ARC protection as an added bonus. By utilising specific fibres that are woven into the completed fabric, the necessary protection is provided to the garment without the need for coating. a wide selection with every item meeting the necessary criteria when worn alone or providing significantly more protection when worn in layers. Additionally, it can be ordered to satisfy the Hi Vis EN 20471 criteria.

Used extensively across the utilities sector, exceptional performance, quality and independently tested safety compliance. A comprehensive range of FR garments that meet high visibility standard EN ISO 20471, protection is offered if you wear these garments on their own, or even greater protection when worn in layers.

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