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Highest Cut Level Gloves

Posted on: 15-04-2011

Category: Products

The hand is one of the most complex tools and one accident in three involves it. The hand has such unique attributes and is an essential part of the human body; it must be adequately protected when exposed to hazards which can seriously damage it. To protect your hand, you will need to assess: • Hazard - Potential to do harm • Risk - Likelihood that your hands may be harmed • Consequence – Severity or degree of injury sustained With these points in mind, Industrial Workwear have ...

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Pyrovatex Flame Retardant Workwear

Posted on: 01-04-2011

Category: Products

Why PYROVATEX flame retardant garments? Our pyrovatex flame retardant garments are produced using Daletec fabrics. here's why!............. A few of Daletec’s unique properties: • The flame retardant properties last throughout the fabric’s lifespan regardless of washing frequency. • Longest available cotton workwear fibres used for supreme strengths and durability • Environmentally friendly, ISO-certified production workwear • Fabrics can be worn directly against the s...

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Agency Workers and PPE

Posted on: 29-03-2011

Category: Industry Information

Construction workers’ union UCATT believes some employment agencies are deliberately flouting safety regulations by failing to provide PPE for those workers they place in jobs. The union has become embroiled in a spat with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) – the trade association for employment agencies – after it raised its concerns on 16 March at a meeting of CONIAC, the HSE’s Construction Industry Advisory Committee. The PPE at Work Regulations 1992 state: “Ever...

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Cotton Price Volatility

Posted on: 23-03-2011

Category: Products

Workwear Clothing - continued volatility with: * Cotton availability * Cotton price increases * Other core raw materials having double digit increases * Production capacity pressures * Increased minimum runs * Greater factory lead times The affected brands we are aware of at present are: Davern, Finden & Hales, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Henbury, Just Hoods, RTY, Russell and SF. We are still awaiting clarification from some other brands but we wanted to forewarn you about this as early as poss...

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Why are Clothing Prices Rising?

Posted on: 16-11-2010

Category: Company Announcements

As I’m sure you are aware, in the past six months there have been unprecedented increases in the costs of raw materials. During this time cotton prices have more than doubled, polyester, wool and labour costs in Far Eastern production centres have also risen substantially. At the same time, shipping, general transportation and packaging material costs have also increased significantly. Regrettably we are not in a position to absorb all of these increases, and as a result we need to increase our prices to you. ...

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Cut and puncture resistant gloves as PPE

Posted on: 03-11-2010

Category: Industry Information

Protective gloves, as well as any other personal protective equipment, should be conformable with the basic requirements of the European Community Council Directive No. 89/686/ECC of December 21, 1989 (with later amendments)1. All protective gloves, which are launched onto the EU’s market, should - regardless of their category - be subject of conformity assessment and marked with the CE mark of conformity. Therefore, a potential user of protective gloves should select only these brands which fulfil the criteria of t...

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Rising Price of Cotton

Posted on: 27-09-2010

Category: Industry Information

The era of cheap clothes could soon be over as rising cotton prices mark an end to bargains on the high street. This is also applicable to the Industrial Workwear Industry. Next boss Lord Wolfson has warned that 15 years of deflation (or falling prices) in clothes stores will soon be over. Next is generally seen as a retail benchmark so if the store puts up its prices it’s likely that other shops will too. Lord Wolfson says Next will have to increase its clothes prices by between 5% and 8% after a failed h...

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Selecting The Correct Safety Helmet

Posted on: 15-09-2010

Category: Industry Information

Protection of the head is required in almost every industry where restricted headroom, falling objects or working at dangerous heights pose a risk of serious injury. In many workplaces head protection is mandatory and this makes it the main form of personal protective equipment worn by millions of people every day. There is options to wear a standard helmet, Linesman helmet (without peak to improve vision), helmet with visor, helmet with face shield, helmet with neck curtain, helmet with ear defenders or helmets with chin...

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When To Use Personal Protection Equipment?

Posted on: 10-09-2010

Category: Industry Information

PPE must always be regarded as a ‘last resort’ to protect against risks to safety and health. Engineering controls and safe systems of work must always be considered first. For example, it may be possible to do the job using methods that will not require the use of PPE. If this is not possible, more effective safeguards should be put in place. For example, fixed screens could be provided rather than individual eye protection. There are a number of reasons why PPE must be considered as a ‘...

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Specialist Clothing Versus Workwear

Posted on: 06-08-2010

Category: Products

I have often wondered why people spend so much money on ‘specialist gear’ when there is considerable crossover in what we do with industry. The needs are the same, quick drying, rugged, comfortable fit and designed to be abused. Industrial clothing is also designed with protective aspects in mind, building sites being full of sharps and jagged edges. Industrial clothing is much cheaper because of the wide use and competitive bulk buying by companies. Knee pad work trouser with zip on and off hanging nail ...

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