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Stay Warm with Bodywarmers and Gilets

Result Black Compass Padded Gilet

Bodywarmers & Gilets – Maintaining warmth is vital, particularly for staff who work outdoors. It’s necessary to keep them warm, secure and comfortable with the right clothing for the task, particularly if you work in industrial or outdoor work environments. That’s where bodywarmers and gilets for staff workwear uniforms come in. Here we will not only discuss the numerous benefits of these workwear items but also assist you in selecting the best item for your team.

Why Bodywarmers

Bodywarmers are often worn over a sweatshirt or jumper and provide an extra layer of insulation, particularly on particularly cold days. Sometimes, they are part of a three-piece workwear uniform, consisting of a polo shirt or t-shirt with a sweatshirt that includes the bodywarmer.

 Bodywarmers and gilets come in a wide range of materials, including fleece, padded, and quilted styles. They typically come with several pockets to store personal belongings or work tools. Bodywarmers are versatile and frequently worn as throw-on items on chilly days, making them an excellent addition to any team working outdoors.

What are Gilets

Gilets are sleeveless garments and come in a variety of materials, with a zip-up front and high collar for additional warmth around the neck. They provide the core warmth and benefit those who require a greater range of motion in their arms. They are suitable for those who require freedom of movement when performing their tasks. Gilets can be used any time of the year when the weather is cold but not extremely so. Additionally, they can serve as a protective layer underneath another work jacket or coat.

Russell Soft Shell Gilet

Selection of Material

The type of material utilised in the manufacture of bodywarmers and gilets should be on your consideration list. While fleece, softshell and quilted lightweight fabrics are appropriate for chilly days, it’s best to go for fleece-lined, therma-fitted, or padded fabrics for extremely cold weather conditions. The garment should be both comfortable and long-lasting, so search for pieces that provide insulation without sacrificing durability for cost savings. There are countless brands on the market that offer excellent quality at a reasonable price, so it’s best to do some research.

Branding your Staff Bodywarmers and Gilets

Branding a uniform adds a level of consistency and cohesiveness to the team. Ensure that the bodywarmer and gilet you choose have branding options. This is an excellent chance to showcase your company’s identity on your team’s workwear. The best brands offer an extensive range of personalisation alternatives, allowing you to customize your workwear uniform to match your company’s branding colours and logo.

Staff Uniform – Consider Your Team’s Needs

Finally, your purchase of bodywarmers and gilets will be ineffective if they don’t fulfil the needs and requirements of your team. Consider the nature of the work to be done, the climate, working hours, and personal preferences of the team members when selecting the right uniform. Keep in mind that it should be not only functional but also comfortable to wear for long periods. Speak with your team members and get their input on the best options available, prioritizing their safety and comfort.

We can give you all the advice required and sample garments for evaluation and sizing samples to get buy in from your team.

Bodywarmers & Gilets Uniform Conclusion

Cooler weather is unavoidable, and working in cool conditions cannot be avoided for some jobs. Fortunately, bodywarmers and gilets for staff workwear uniforms can provide an additional layer of warmth and protection. It’s critical to pick the correct workwear products that are best suited for the task and the team for optimal efficiency, safety, and comfort.

We hope that you have gained a deeper understanding of the numerous benefits of bodywarmers and gilets for workwear uniforms to make an informed decision when selecting the right workwear for your team.

Contact our Friendly Team today on 01207 509717 so we can discuss your requirements and help you select the correct garments, provide you with samples to ensure you have what you need in the correct sizes.

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