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The beauty of a hoodie is that it can belong in any environment be it from a financial institute in Canary Wharf to a car valeting business in Scunthorpe. No matter the industry or nature of your company, we provide the best possible options to enable you to take your brand image to the next level. Here is a simple breakdown of all the types of hoodies available here at Industrial Workwear.


Uneek’s sweatshirts and hoodie range are popular with clients from a vast range of different industries. Their simple yet smart designs along with easy-to-wear comfortable material create a great uniform addition. Each of their designs vary with some being heavyweight which provides the perfect surface for print and embroidery , others being lightweight which are great for outdoors workers who move around frequently as well as many children’s designs available whether for school or just leisurewear.

Our picks:


As well as polo shirts, Papini’s range of hoodies are renowned for their comfort and colour selection with each product having 18 different colours to choose from. They also use anti-pill technology which is used to reduce the ‘bobbly bits’ which appear on some fabrics after excessive washing. This keeps the fabric looking smooth and intact and as smooth as it looked when it was bought.

Our picks:


Throughout all of their clothing ranges Gildan are popular for their comfortable designs which ensure high quality and this especially sticks in their hoodie range. Comfortable, durable along with clean and aesthetic designs these hoodies are popular with clients who simply seek comfort in their uniform. Most of their range is made from polycotton fabric which couples durability and comfort very well.

Our picks:

*Please be aware that these suppliers, as well as all those we associate ourselves with, pride themselves on sourcing and manufacturing their product in an ethical fashion. Read our CSR Statement here.

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