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The company are thrilled to announce the introduction of the brand new and exciting Genuine Recycled sustainable workwear range by Result Clothing. By working with the manufacturer and other stakeholders we are delighted with this addition to our offering which will give customers an opportunity to have a fully recyclable and fully sustainable uniform.

Myron Shafee, Brand Ambassador at Result Clothing, said, “Many thanks to Industrial Workwear for supporting our Genuine Recycled range – it is important to see the promotion of sustainable garments now entering the mainstream in our industry and we are pleased that Industrial Workwear are spearheading this”.

How it has been done

The range includes a great variety of garments from soft shells, hi vis, polo shirts and hats with all garments being made from post-consumer plastic bottles ranging from 19 and 32 for each garment.

The manufacturer works with certified partners perPETual©TOPGREEN® and REPREVE® who each have a unique and scalable technology to transform used plastic bottles into high quality filament yarn. In collaboration, these partners allow the manufacturer to calculate the number of 1 litre bottles that would have been sent to landfill, based on the size of a single size L garment. The process to transform these bottles into the final product takes on 4 steps:

  1. The post-consumer plastic bottles are crushed down and shredded into flakes.
  2. Shredded flakes from the bottles are processed and turned into fibres.
  3. Fibres are processed into recycled yarn, woven or knitted fabric.
  4. Fabric is used to create Result Genuine Recycled garments.

All products are approved to the Global Recycled Standard.

What happens when you are finished with your product?

To ensure that you are playing your part in the sustainable cycle, it is advisable that customers follow the below guidance when finished with their garments:

  • Check the label on your garment
  • Contact your local end-of-life textile options to upcycle  – give your garment a second life by preventing landfill.
  • Where indicated, fabrics and trims are suitable for extraction and repurposing

Why this is significant

The industry now has a clear way forward of offering customers the choice between the standard range of garments and the garments which are sustainable and healthy for the environment. The company and our suppliers re-iterate our commitment to do all in our power to combat environmental issues through what we do on a daily basis.

View the full environmentally friendly range here.

In recent years, we have made sustainable changes to our order processing which is now entirely paper-free, our fully automated SMART Online Ordering Portal as well as a raft of adjustments to packaging, storage and waist disposal. We will continue to drive forward the sustainable agenda in all ways we can in the future.

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