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The never ending struggle that teachers have to get their students to concentrate is understandably monotonous. It’s a commonality which is found in every school in the country. In 2017 nearly half of students said they couldn’t concentrate on their studies because of ‘problems’. Although ‘problems’ are common among young people and there are many complex reasons for them having a negative impact on focus in the classroom, there is one thing which is shown to at least improve these circumstances.

Where to start

The Schoolwear Association commissioned a study which ran a series of focus groups with students from the ages of 13 to 17. This aimed to gauge the student’s perceptions around wearing a uniform to school. This found that their consistent dress code meant that students worried far less about deciding what to wear of being judged or bullied by their peers for their choice of clothing. Considering the fact that 1 in 10 children aged 5-15 are reported to have a mental health disorder in the UK, this positive step can help alleviate their worries and stop them from bringing them into the classroom.

Not only did the same study conclude that students worry less when wearing a uniform to school, it showed that a uniform promoted commonality among pupils, allows students to foster a sense of pride and, crucially, improves concentration. Although this is not a silver bullet, the part that uniform has been shown to play in increasing self-confidence, pride and alleviating worry among school children can’t be just disregarded. 

We supplied High Spen Primary School with uniform ready for the start of term.


The fact is that school is a hugely important environment for children where they should be experiencing as many positive emotions and feelings as possible. The more that these positive emotions can be maximised the better, and the study shows that this can be achieved through wearing school uniform.

The question you will surely be asking is that in most schools in the country uniform is a requirement, so why is this important?

It isn’t about whether schools should be introducing uniform requirements, but it’s the adherence to these requirements that can improve the current circumstances surrounding children’s concentration and general wellbeing in school. The figures show that nowadays students wearing uniform to attend school has dropped. If you are to believe the study conducted by The Schoolwear Association, the decline in uniform wearing has coincided with more children reporting concentration issues in class.  

Again, there is no silver bullet to this issue but there is a relationship between the two. Many teachers and parents have also backed up The Schoolwear Association’s study. 9 in 10 teachers said that a school uniform positively effects student’s behaviour in a 2017 report titled ‘Attitudes to School Uniform’. The same report also showed similar attitudes among parents with 615 believing that uniforms counteract bullying.

Playing our part

As well as workwear, PPE, customised clothing and uniforms we provide supplies for local schools whether it be uniform, PPE, First Aid Kits and other health and safety equipment. Get in touch with us to find out more about what we supply.

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